My name is Alice, and I’m a sophomore psychology major at the University of Maryland. In this blog, I ruminate over the various things I see... and lately, I've been seeing some really strange things happening.

I can't figure it out -- it's not just me, is it?

My blog posts are private and require a password because I don’t want just anyone seeing my thoughts... you'll have to take a walk in my shoes first and decode a few riddles to get access.

Scroll down for the Start Guide.


1. Read the About section, so you get a sense of what's going on.

2. I feel that often you have to see something to believe it, so make sure you have a smartphone or other Wi-Fi enabled device, with both GPS capabilities and Internet access for geocache locating. Bring a set of headphones (optional) if you have them! The optimal group size is 3-4 people though any size is fine.

3. Read the Instructions carefully.

4. Make sure you're aware of the Hints & Tips post, for help with locating geocaches and figuring out passwords. Don't be afraid to look; it's not cheating!

5. Don't forget, you can quickly access the sections of the website through the tabbed links above this section.
Now then... if you’re ready to venture into my world, start at these coordinates and see if you can find my first geocache:

38.9852 -76.9459


How to walk through the project:

1. Locate the geocache by using the GPS coordinates, as well as the geocache hints. One method of locating coordinates is listed in the section below.

2. Inside the geocache, you'll find an entry from Alice's journal that you can read.

3. At the bottom of the journal entry is the set of GPS coordinates for the next location.

4. Additionally, you'll find a riddle, which can be solved to unlock the corresponding online blog entry. Note that Post 1 corresponds to the first geocache location, Post 2 to the second location, Post 3 to the third location, and Post 4 to the fourth location. Guidelines for formatting the password are below, and additional password hints are available here.

5. Once the blog entry is unlocked, you may either listen to the audio version of the post (linked at the top) or read the post. We recommend that you listen to the post while walking to the next geocache!

Locating GPS coordinates:

Using default Maps application/Google Maps:

In the search bar, enter loc: (in lowercase) followed immediately by the coordinates.

loc:38.9852131, -76.9456963

Alternate method for iPhone/iPod/iPad:

1. Download the free Maps+ app.

2. In the Tools menu in the lower right corner, access Settings and change the map type to Google Hybrid. (optional, but helpful)

3. Use Search function to enter the GPS coordinates to locate the approximate area of the geocache.

4. Turn on the Locate feature to track your current location.

For other mobile device platforms:

Any reliable, functioning mobile application that enables you to enter coordinates and map the location corresponding to the coordinates is sufficient to use to experience GLITCH.

A note about browser performance:

Please keep in mind that the type of browser you are using to view the blog page may alter the appearance or functionality of the blog. Firefox and Safari are recommended for optimal performance of this website.

Note: GPS coordinates have variable accuracy at times, so make sure to utilize the Hints & Tips for locating the geocaches!

Formatting passwords:

All text passwords should be entered in lowercase letters only.

All numeric passwords should be entered as numbers only, without spaces or # symbols.

For any questions or comments, please contact theglitchprojectDCC@gmail.com